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than native ads

Embedding simple content monetization into your website with customizable and contextual advertising feeds.

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Leading search feed partnership

Launch advanced matching of your content with related terms coming from the most prominent global search feed provider. Safely navigate your contextual advertising with the best performance and the highest user engagement rate on the most prestigious of feeds.

Adsolutely in a nutshell

Market leadership

Unparalleled performance provided with the biggest exclusive search feed access.


Advanced keyword pairing for relevant advertising that matches user interests.

Catering to the UX

All "contextual" placements are nondisruptive and nurture the subject of your website.

Fully customizable

Freely tailor the ad formats and related terms styling for coherence and user comfort.


Control what is displayed on your website to provide accuracy and safety.


Employ the futureproof solution for sustainable advertising.

Performance via automation

Scaling is now easier than ever thanks to the clever dynamic related terms Adsolutely AI that gives you control of your contextual ads while taking the optimization over from you.

Always in the loop

Take full ownership of your contextual advertising solution with in-real-time granular reporting accessible in our intuitive dashboard. Stay always up-to-date, keep transparency, and monitor your performance on the go.

Seamless integration

No technical background is needed for a friction-free Adsolutely implementation. Launch contextual monetization with a simple one-code snippet.

About Adsolutely

Part of

CentralNic Group PLC

We are part of the publicly listed Team Internet Group PLC, the rapidly growing global adtech provider. Adsolutely is also part of Team Internet AG, the industry experts in online advertising monetization operating since 2010.